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Utility companies across North America must consider a variety of improvements:
- Terrorist Attack Prevention
- Conducting intensive security evaluations and audits
- Using existing security features
- Eliminating security holes
- Evaluating and deploying new security technologies
- Improving coordination between operations staff and corporate information security staff
- Improving skills of the security staff
- Establishing security awareness programs.
Our Consulting Services can address all these concerns plus so much more.

USS Services Include:

Comprehensive Security Assessments:

- Office and Facilities Security Surveys
- Electric Utility Operations Security
- Gas Utility Operations Security
- Water/Wastewater Security
- Security Program Evaluations
- Security Master Planning

Numerous on-site Workshops
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- Occupational Dog Bite Prevention
- CSR/Cashier Office Safety
- Workplace Violence
- Verbal Self Defense
- Physical Self Defense
- Small Business Security
Plus over 20 others!

Call today for more information about our Comprehensive Security Assessment (CSA) and learn the best way to solve YOUR company's security concerns and prevent critical situations from occurring.

Emergency Response
Protocols Design

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- Bomb Threats
- Lockdown Protocols
- Shelter in Place
- Evacuation
- Active Shooter
- Hostile Intruder
- Customer Violence
- Workplace Violence
- Domestic Violence
- Robbery, Assault
- Active Shooter/ Response
- Hostile Intruder Response
- Threat Assessments
- Vulnerability Assessments
- Field Personnel Security

Utility Security Solutions is THE Utility Security Solutions Company

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