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USS Security Assessment Process:

So, what can you expect when we conduct a Security Assessment at your facility?

The following is a brief outline of the typical assessment process:

  1. Initial request for documents.
  2. We will work with you to identify the people within your organization that we would like to interview
  3. Conduct interviews with above individuals
  4. Tour the facility
  5. Observe the operations
  6. Return at night for observations
  7. Meet with you and provide an update on our progress and discuss the next steps in the process
  8. Begin our formal Security Assessment process
  9. Write the Security Assessment Report
  10. Client review of Security Assessment Report Draft
  11. Client meeting to discuss draft
  12. Prepare a final Security Assessment Report that incorporates client’s comments. If desired, we can make a formal presentation of the Security Assessment Report to your senior management team or others
  13. At the conclusion of the assessment process, we will be available to assist you with implementation of the recommendations contained within our report. Such as:
    • Identify vendors and sources of products and services
    • Review bid proposals
    • Develop security policies, procedures and protocols
    • Provide training
    • Assist in other ways per mutual agreement

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