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One of the best ways to get a handle on your overall company security issues is with a USS Comprehensive Security Assessment (CSA).

For over 19 years, Utility Security Solutions has been working with private, municipal, rural and public utility companies all across the US and Canada. We have trained over 101,000 employees.

Our goal will always be to provide the most comprehensive security services to the utility industry and its employees.

We help utilities and businesses better manage their security and safety issues whether it involves the employees or the facility itself.

Our background and expertise includes a working knowledge of law enforcement, safety and utility business management. From a substation or 1-person local office to a generation facility or multi-story office and office complex, we cover it all.

Utility Security Solutions specializes working with companies that do not have and/or cannot afford to have a full time security department. We will guide you through the steps and implementation of taking non-security or safety personnel and have them effectively operate a functional and effective security program.

How we began... Click here to visit BiteTerminator.com -- providing unique, patented safety protection equipment to Utility Companies worldwide for over 25 years. (Utility Security Solutions is a wholly-owned subsidiary of parent company Bite Terminator LLC.)

Utility Security Solutions is THE Utility Security Solutions Company

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