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Utility Security Solutions can help secure your...
- One-person local office
- Small substation
- Major power generation facility
- Multi-story office building
- Office or Warehouse complex

Click to read a brief Op-Ed, "The Personal Side of Utility Security" by Mark Chamberlain, USS President.

Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive security services to the utility industry and its employees.

We offer services to help utilities and businesses better understand and manage the security and safety issues of the facilities themselves and its employees.

Our background and expertise includes a working knowledge of law enforcement, utility facility construction, safety and business management.

Call today for more information about our Comprehensive Security Assessment (CSA) and learn the best way to solve YOUR company's security concerns and prevent critical situations from occurring.


Utility Security Solutions has been providing security solutions for small and medium-sized utility companies for over 19 years.

We have provide services and assist with the security and safety needs of hundreds of private, municipal, rural and public utility companies all across the US and Canada.

Utility Security Solutions is THE Utility Security Solutions Company

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